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Some of my specialties include: 


There is nothing more important and more challenging than being a mom!   You would do anything for your child(ren) and sometimes there may be nothing left for you.   No wonder you are anxious or have so little energy!   I specialize in supporting moms including new moms, moms of children with unique (“special”) needs, and moms through adoption.  You do so much for your children, but you need space to get support for your own needs.



College Students

This can be such a great time in your life, but it can also be so hard!  You may be finding yourself in new situations that challenge you in different ways; you may want to explore more of who you are/your identity, you may have difficulty balancing school and the rest of your life.  You may be experiencing challenges in your relationships.  Sometimes you may feel alone and that people do not understand you. You may also have experienced a trauma that is effecting you now even more than it has in the past. It will be so helpful to have a safe non-judgmental space to talk and help you through this time.


You are tired of constantly worrying. You are always wondering “what if” that terrible thing happens. It is hard for you to let go and just enjoy life. You may feel overwhelmed and weighed down. There may be physical sensations in your body including your heart racing ,difficulty breathing or other uncomfortable situations. I can help you figure out the root cause of your anxiety and take the steps to feel lighter and less weighed down by worry.



Life transitions/COVID-19 and other new and different situations

Changes can be so hard. It is especially hard to deal with uncertainty or the unknown. You may be experiencing anxiety, fear, sadness, loneliness,  or anger. Grief and loss can also be present as you long for life the way it used to be or how you thought it would be. You may feel very alone. I can give you the support you need to move forward with a new sense of peace and acceptance.

People struggling against systemic oppression and racism

Whether you are BIPOC, LGBTIA, or a member of a different marginalized group, the experience of oppression, microagressions, marginalization, being treated as “less than” or the “other”, can be traumatizing.  It has an effect upon you can be deep and something you struggle against every day.  At the same time, you are proud of who you are and would not change it for the world; you just wish the world would change so you were treated better! 

Therapists, Educators, & Other Healers

You do so much for others!  What about you?  You deserve to receive the same nurturing, support, and care that you give.  You deserve to live your best life in which you have time to do the things that will bring you joy and contribute to who you are.  You can learn to set boundaries with others and value yourself as much as you value your loved ones.

As a seasoned therapist with over 20 years of experience, I can support you in living a more balanced life.



Trauma or feeling held back by the past

The experience of trauma is like no other.  It may have been a big, life changing trauma that is not experienced by many others or you may not even be sure if you can label what happened to you as trauma. You may have had a very difficult childhood or have had invalidating experiences with your parents, partners, friends, or people in authority. You may not feel at home in your body, you may feel “spacey” or not present. You may find that your relationships are impacted in that you don’t trust others, have difficulty communicating your needs or setting good boundaries, or that your low self-esteem prevents you from accepting love and nurturing.

There are many ways to heal from trauma. I am trained in EMDR, as well as other ways to assist you in your healing.  I like to get to know you first before we decide which path is best for you.


Grief & Loss

There is nothing as painful as losing a loved one or grieving life the way you thought it would be.   Some days you hardly recognize yourself, the sadness and grief feel so “big.”  You don’t know how you will live this new life. I can give you the support you need to get through this.

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