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About Robyn Gibbs, LCSW

My approach is warm and collaborative. I work with women of all ages who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives. We will lean on my 20+ years of experience and your innate wisdom. You can heal from past trauma and move past self-limiting beliefs. I assist you in using your strengths to become happier, well-balanced, and more intentional.

It is my goal to support people who are struggling against systemic oppression, bias, and racism. It is important to me that my services are culturally appropriate and sensitive. I was born and raised in New York City and also lived in Oakland California for 7 years. I feel fortunate to have been surrounded by a rich diversity of culture and experiences from a very young age.    

Multicultural and feminist approach.

As a feminist therapist, I work with you as a “whole person” so that you are empowered to have the confidence you need to move forward. Your self-esteem will increase as you learn to appreciate yourself.  I strive to serve you in a way that is consistent with your culture and values. Your gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, age, body type, and abilities impact your experiences as well as the ways in which you are treated in the world.  Although it is not your job to educate me, it is important that I understand the role of your culture and your identity on your life, as well as any oppression or marginalization you may face.  I want to be your ally and do the best I can to create a space that is truly safe for you; a safe in which your whole self is valued and welcome. If you are not experiencing oppression or marginalization, it is still important that I understand your values and priorities; it is important that I understand what makes you “you.”

Please see FAQs section to learn more about how I work.

Therapy works best when you have a safe and trusting relationship with your therapist. It can be challenging to know the next right step and you may have concerns accessing therapy via telehealth. Call to schedule a free phone consultation to see if I am a good fit for your needs. I would be honored to support you in your journey.

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